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GANZA Conference 2019 On The Day

Registration, Catering, and Events


Registration will open at 8.30am on 22 January. Coffee and tea will be available on arrival. Morning tea, afternoon tea, and lunch will be available on both conference days, and included in the conference fee. The conference dinner (held on 22 January) is also included for all delegates; extra tickets will unfortunately not be available for purchase. For more details on other conference-related social events, please see the Social Events page.


Programme and Abstract Booklet


A hardcopy of the conference programme will be given to all delegates upon registration on 22 January. The abstract booklet will only be available online on the Association’s web site, so if you’d like a hardcopy, please make sure that you print this beforehand. We also recommend that you familiarise yourself with the programme prior to the conference, in order to accommodate any last-minute changes in the schedule.




All papers are expected to be 20 minutes in length. It is important that all delegates have adequate time to present, and answer questions at the end. Session chairs will be asked to adhere to strict time-keeping.


AV/IT requirements


The computers provided by our conference venue (Mantra on View Hotel) run on Windows 10 and Office 16 operating systems. Delegates will not be able to plug in their laptops/devices at the time of presentation, as this can be very disruptive for the session. Please plan accordingly, and make sure all your files are compatible with Windows.  DVD/CD players will not be available on the day.




An Internet connection will be available to GANZA delegates in shared areas (lobby etc.). We cannot guarantee an Internet connection in the conference rooms. In order to avoid disappointment and disruption, please make sure that you save all your files (presentations, video/audio files etc.) on a portable storage device prior to the conference.


Social Media


GANZA are very keen to encourage the use of social media to report on the conference’s exciting happenings! Please use #GANZA2019 for this year’s event.

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