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Past Events

  • 'Gothic Trajectories', GANZA Interim Online Conference, hosted online, 27-28 January 2022.

  • 'Gothic Journeys: Paths, Crossings, and Intersections’, GANZA Fourth Biennial Conference, held at Mantra on View Hotel, Surfers Paradise, Australia, 22-23 January 2019.


  • ‘Gothic Afterlives: Mutations, Histories, and Returns’, GANZA Third Biennial Conference, held at Auckland University of Technology, 22-23 January 2017.


  • ‘Gothic Spaces: Mergence, Boundaries, Liminalities’, GANZA Second Biennial Conference, held at Novotel Darling Harbour, Sydney, Australia, 21-22 January 2015.


  • ‘Gothic Antipodes: An Interdisciplinary Conference’, GANZA Inaugural Conference, held at Stamford Plaza Hotel, Auckland, New Zealand, 22-23 January 2013.

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